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Transforming Compliance Management: A Custom Software Case Study

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Intellimime: An intelligent Mime

The Challenge of IntelliMime

The Ginnie Mae Field Compliance Review sought to enhance its auditing procedures, recognizing a heavy reliance on costly and limited domain experts that introduced a risk of human error. In a competitive labor market, the Federal Government saw the ability to replicate and standardize domain experts' work processes to drive down costs, create efficiencies, and attract a more diverse workforce. Any solution needs to be set to NIST Government Standards and be FedRAMP compliant.

Why Core Maitri

· We have intimate knowledge of the latest security standards.

· Our consulting expertise allowed us to distill the work processes.

How We Met the Challenge

Working with the IntelliMime tech team, we provided architectural guidance in the development of a Low-Code platform tailored for their operations team. This platform enabled the easy description of audit flows and associated business rules, empowering field agents to follow a software-guided wizard (Smart Compliance Solution) for each audit, resulting in a significant improvement in accuracy and efficiency in the audit completion process.

The Results

With the Smart Compliance Solution, training time was reduced by 5x, labor productivity doubled, and error rate reduced by 90%.

Learn more about the Smart Compliance Solution here.


Core Maitri is an enterprise software consultancy specializing in Excel-to-Web, AI Integration, and Enterprise Application Development services. Our approach is deeply consultative, rooted in understanding problems at their core and then validating our solutions through iterative feedback. Let us help!


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