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Our business is building

Custom Business Applications
AI Enablement For Enterprise
System Design
and Architecture

Our culture

100% Remote with flexible work hours
We understand the modern worker. Remote work is here to stay, and we are 100% on board with that. Working from home dissolves the entire concept of fixed hours, family, home, kids...... everything enmeshed in your schedule. For responsible, autonomous workers, we can work out what works best for you and your team.
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Autonomy and freedom
Working remote means working autonomously without much supervision. We measure outcomes, not the number of hours spent to measure productivity. If you can deliver value consistently, you’ll fit right in.
Evolved leave policy
We don’t deduct your salary for leaves, complete freedom from counting casual and medical leaves. If you need leaves, inform in advance and manage your deliverables.
Latest technologies, cutting edge tools
We know how frustrating it is to work on old technology that does not bring any value to your skillset. We research new tools and technologies way ahead of the curve so you can gain cutting edge skills.
Global clients, great projects
Working for us, you can be assured of a wide exposure to a global audience. We hand-pick our clients who demand excellence, and value expertise and commitment. 
People don’t quit because of the company, they quit because of their managers
Take your career to the next level with amazing mentors
Chetan Kumar
CTO - IIT-Delhi,
20+ years of experience
Expert in software architecture,
Problem Solving, and System design
Supriya Singh
Head of Quality,
8+ years of experience
Expert in Selenium, Java, Python, API Testing, Data Testing, and Automation.
Bharat Kumar
Head of engineering,
15+ years of experience
Expert in .NET, Cloud Stacks, Devops, Databases, and Design

Your mentors


Alongside our strong leadership


Our expectations from you

Technical Proficiency
Design first thinking, Good understanding of industry standard, and good hold of system design.
Problem Solving
You need to be good at Data Retrieval, Algorithms, Performance Optimization, and Solution Engineering.
We need people who can produce functional, good quality software with speed and clarity.
You need to be responsible for your deliverables and commitments, while meeting deadlines.
Chief Executive Officer
Tak is a senior business consultant with a background in accounting and finance. He currently lives in Long Beach, California and serves as our commander in chief.
Chief Technical Officer
Chetan has been a serial entrepreneur before joining Core Maitri as the CTO. He currently lives in New Delhi, India where he heads the Technology Team.
Senior Business Advisor
Vern is a professor of Business at the University of Alberta with a PhD from University of Southern California. Currently he serves our board as a Senior Advisor.

and above all...

We want you to care about your team, your clients, and your associates. You can be a FAANG level rockstar but without empathy you’ll never be a good team member, a mentor, nor a good advisor to clients.
We need you to bring your heart to the team.
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The software industry is plagued by mistrust between abusive employers and jaded employees. In the name of efficiency, human beings are treated as resources. At Core Maitri, we treat you with respect and compassion.

That's why Maitrī is our Core value.

We're not employers. We're partners.

Maitrī (Sanskrit: मैत्री; Pali: mettā) (noun) means benevolence, compassion, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others.

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