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AI for Compliance Documentation – A Case Study

extensive compliance auditing process

The Challenge of Audit Inc

As a government contractor, Audit Inc* developed an extensive compliance auditing process tailored for the financial sector. Central to this process is the examination of substantial document batches, demanding meticulous scrutiny to identify inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Following the verification of these documents, they are manually entered into the system.

Recognizing the need to enhance efficiency in this crucial task, the company actively pursued a solution capable of extracting data from a variety of forms and seamlessly integrating it into their existing application. This initiative aimed to optimize their document processing workflow.

Why Core Maitri

  • Our team possesses intimate knowledge of the NIST Government Standards, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and compliance benchmarks.

  • Our specialized focus on finance and accounting enabled us to address industry-specific challenges effectively.

How We Met the Challenge

Storing all documents in AWS S3, we leveraged an Azure Document Intelligence service to train a robust data extraction model. This model, operating as a background process, extracted and parsed data from diverse forms. The extracted data was then integrated into Audit Inc's existing application, equipped with an audit mechanism to ensure data integrity. Post-processing, the data flowed into another system, enabling field auditors to access and utilize the data efficiently.

The Results

Prior to this initiative, the documents had to be manually processed and keyed into the system by hand, a task that would typically take 2-3 days. However, with the implementation of the new AI supported system, the processing time was significantly reduced to just 40 minutes. Additionally, the introduction of the new system resulted in a 40% reduction in errors compared to the fully manual process.


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