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Expert business consulting and rapid software development to propel profit and growth

With transparency and a people-first attitude, we're always ready to help you take on the most challenging software projects that you can dream up. 

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What can we help you with?

Still managing your business with excel sheets, and struggling as it grows in complexity?

We can help, we specialize in converting excel based solutions to secure web based solutions that you can use from anywhere, and with real-time collaboration.

No more excel attachments in emails!

Custom Business Solutions

Open AI and Large language models have taken the world by storm. We've been at the forefront of the AI landscape for years now, and are experts at integrating AI into your business and applications. 

We can help you process your existing documentation and enable AI to help you process data and reach insights faster and with ease.

AI Enablement For Enterprise

Even if you have a large technical team, sometimes you need a fresh, nimble and responsive team to quickly turn around solutions which your team may not have bandwidth for. Sometimes it may be initiatives that need to be kept stealthy and below the radar to avoid alerting competition.

We can quickly prototype solutions that you can bring to market to test and validate.

Strategic Initiatives

We have experience in Data Ingestion and Processing applications, Batch and Streaming ETL / ELT, Kubernetes, Financial Solvers, and Algorithm Design.


If you have a need for consultants to help with data processing, we can help.

Other Services

How we solve

1. Listen: Establish Context for the Requirement.

To begin, we listen, ask guiding questions, and try to understand your business, your challenges, and the real problem you're trying to solve.

3. Verify: Discuss and confirm our understanding of the problem.

With a visual presentation, we explain our understanding of the problem and discuss till we're in alignment.

5. Develop: Rapidly build an initial implementation.

Once we hone in on a proposed solution concept, we prioritize the features which deliver maximum value and quickly develop a first version.

2. Think: Structure the Problem and map the context.

Once we have a good understanding, we organize and decompose the problem and context into a visual representation.

4. Design: Propose solution

We then create wireframes, mockups, and workflow-diagrams that help you visualize various solution concepts and understand the tradeoffs between them.

6. Iterate: Incorporate feedback and enhance.

Every 2 weeks, we discuss with the stakeholders their likes and dislikes, and develop, test and publish additions and improvements in an Agile manner.


How we communicate

Transparancy promotes clarity and alignment between the stakeholders and the developer, which saves money and time, and ensures you get what you want.

Continuous budget forecasts

We continuously track our hourly billings, and make sure they are in alignment with the budget, and keep you updated about your realtime and forecasted spend.

Weekly progress reports

We have weekly meetings with the business product owners and stakeholders to update them on the progress of work, and inform them pre-emptively of any changes in expectations.

User feedback sessions

Every 2 weeks, we communicate with the stakeholders and demo the various improvements and additions we have made, and seek their feedback and validation.

The results we deliver

Private Equity Firm

Problem statement

Growth was limited by dependence on numerous excel sheets with excessive computational requirements, coupled with manual data-collection processes.


We consolidated all the excel spreadsheets into a streamlined web-application, a cluster based computation backend, and automated their data collection through web-scraping and api integrations.


Total headcount and revenues

-over a 5 year period.

“They delivered a holistic solution that worked exactly the way the client needed it to. We had a very aggressive timeline, and they still met their deadlines and remained on budget. It was a quality product and met the project scope”

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How can we help you?

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Technology can be confusing and intimidating. In most software projects today, the lack of capability and expertise is often hidden behind technical jargon to avoid accountability. Unless we genuinely care about our clients, success will be hard to come by.

That's why Maitrī is our Core value.

We're not vendors. We're partners.

Maitrī (Sanskrit: मैत्री; Pali: mettā) (noun) means benevolence, compassion, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others.

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Meet our world class problem solvers



Tak is a senior business software consultant with a background in accounting and finance bringing the business expertise to your software ideas.



Chetan has been a serial entrepreneur before joining Core Maitri as the CTO. He currently lives in New Delhi, India where he heads the Technology Team.



Vern is a professor of Business in the University of Alberta, Canada, with a PhD from University of Southern California.

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