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How do I introduce new software to my employees?

Employees excited about new custom ERP software that benefits them

Overcoming employee resistance to new software is common, especially with so many changes to the way we work the past few years. Change fatigue can set in when employees can't visualize how the software will benefit them. To ensure a smooth transition and maximize software benefits, follow these steps:

Before Introducing New Software:
  • Pilot Testing: Begin with a small group of employees to address concerns before full rollout. Designate these employees as "superusers" who can support and champion the software among their colleagues.

  • Varied Training Approaches: Provide diverse training methods to cater to different learning styles. Be transparent about potential initial challenges and offer solutions proactively.

  • Continuous Communication: Keep employees informed throughout the process, emphasizing how the software will benefit them and specifying the transition timeline.

After Implementation:
  • Feedback Gathering: Encourage employees to share their experiences with the new software. Utilize this feedback to make improvements and address any ongoing concerns.

  • Recognition and Incentives: Consider offering incentives or recognition to employees who adapt quickly and effectively to the new software, creating a positive culture around adoption.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Regularly monitor how employees use the software and provide ongoing training sessions to support their learning journey.

  • Stay connected with your team throughout the journey. Informal, one-on-one check-ins have proven to be a great way to encourage adoption. These regular conversations help you address concerns quickly and gather valuable feedback to make things even better.


Core Maitri is an enterprise software consultancy specializing in Excel-to-Web, AI Integration, and Enterprise Application Development services. Our approach is deeply consultative, rooted in understanding problems at their core and then validating our solutions through iterative feedback.

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