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Your enterprise software experts

Running a business without data and software is impossible.

Designing, developing and maintaining Software is hard.

With transparency, and a people-first attitude, we're always ready to help you take on the most challenging software projects that you can dream up.

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A Precise Fit for
your needs

Software that fits your business like a glove

Friction-less, Custom-made Software, optimally designed to fit your business process and needs, so that your team can focus on getting the job done, instead of figuring out how to use the software for their needs.

Taking Measurments

A Security First
approach to software

High Security Applications that protect

your data and users.

Digital threats are growing and threatening businesses and their customers. 70% of vulnerabilities are due to misconfiguration and oversight by the tech provider. Here at CoreMaitri, we design solutions which are hardened to mitigate risk of unauthorized access.

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Simplify the Complexity
of your business

Complex Problems need great problem solvers

Modern Businesses rely on data from multiple sources and processing in real-time, to feed into finely tuned business workflows and data driven decision making. Our highly experienced team leverages our proprietary software design process to distill complex requirements into robust solutions.

Math Notebook and Calculator

Innovate and Change your processes, rapidly

Requirements grow and change, and

your software needs to respond.

Modern businesses must evolve quicker than ever to remain competitive. A well designed software and an agile team is key to pivot, tweak, and turn-around solutions to match your evolving business processes.

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Suite 200 - 721
Long Beach, CA 90806

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New Delhi, 110030

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